First-person shooters have become possibly the most popular genre, with games now placing you in the actual point-of-view of the leading protagonist.

Here are ten of the best first person shooters to land on gaming shelves in 2016!


10. Homefront: The Revolution

Unlike its predecessor, Homefront: The Revolution is open-world, providing its players with several different districts to explore. Players search for and modify their weapons and equipment in order to help progress them in the game. Homefront's story is strongly immersive and it's addicting and tense shooting keeps players attached to the controller and encourages them to move further in the game.


9. Battleborn

Gearbox is back at it again with a cast of colorful and entertaining characters. Each character is unique with their own attacks, skills, attributes, and personalities. Players are even allowed to choose load-outs before each match, giving their characters three pieces of gear that they've earned in previous rounds. With its multiplayer online arena battles, players can find themselves returning match after match.


8. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 lets its gamers go in solo or in co-op with six other players. Continuing off the first Killing Floor, players go up against a deadly outbreak of zombie-like creatures that has spread beyond Europe. Players are given the ability to gain experience and skill points as they progress through the game. Several improvements have been included, such as the combat system that now has a blocking mechanism.


7. Superhot

Superhot, an independent first-shooter, plays like the traditional FPS, but becomes even more similar to strategy games as the player progresses and starts to assess their situation and respond accordingly. The art-style is unique, as the Superhot team took a more minimalistic approach, coloring enemies in red and their weapons in black. The game provides players with several different challenge and game modes to keep the game interesting and players coming back for more.


6. Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 takes place five years after the events of the previous entry, and has you continue the role of Lo Wang, a ninja warrior. Wang, with his witty wisecracks, embarks on his mission to defeat demon armies that have invaded the world. With its variety of melee and ranged combat and loot to collect from fallen enemies, this game keeps players returning for multiple run-throughs.


5. Devil Daggers

Devil Daggers, developed by indie development team Sorath, is a first-person shooter that places players against large swarms of demons on an area covered in darkness with one goal: to survive. Death happens upon simply touching an enemy, and as time continues to go forward, players come up against more threatening creatures. This game's mechanics have been compared to first person shooters of the 90's, such as Doom and Quake.


4. Titanfall 2

Several people can agree that Titanfall 2 is a major improvement to its predecessor.

Single-player dives into a deeper campaign, with its protagonist Jack Cooper, an infantry soldier who wishes to be a Titan pilot. And even though this campaign is incredibly short, lasting about five hours long, Titanfall 2 offers replay value with plenty of additional items.


3. Doom

Doom, another popular game that made its long-awaited return this year, places players into the shoes of an unnamed marine who must battle his way through Hell against demons. Doom returns to its fast-paced roots, and more open-ended levels than the slower survival horror entry, Doom 3. There's features that allow for character upgrades, and executions called 'glory kills'.


2. Overwatch

When delivering a new game to the world, Blizzard always goes the extra mile. Overwatch was no different. Matches consist of strongly-emphasized team gameplay and a range of unique characters that are from one of the four categories: offense, defense, tank, and support. It's up to the players to create a well-rounded team to defeat the opponents. Blizzard has promised to keep all DLC and updates, including new characters, game modes, and maps completely free. There's even been free-to-play weekends, giving gamers without the game a chance to try it out.


1. Battlefield 1

Once announced, Battlefield 1 became a highly anticipated video game, and fortunately EA Dice did not let us down. Several players took a strong liking to its unique World War 1 theme and single-player campaign, but multi-player was definitely not ignored in terms of the praise received. Multi-player modes, including its new addition Operations, new maps, and aesthetics have been complemented, along with its solid mechanics.