While Microsoft is keeping pretty quiet about a lot ofthe specific details of its newest console in the works, deemed "Project Scorpio", they are not leaving Xbox fans high and dry and have come out to share some specifics. Thanks to Engadget.com, who interviewed Microsoft's head of Xbox games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, we now have some hope and clarification to hold on to concerning Scorpio. While it is not as much information as we are sure people would to have, Aaron was very generous in clarifying some points about how the system will operate and what Microsoft's vision is for this new generation of Xbox. Curious? We know you are, so here it is.

Clarifying Some Confusing Statements

First things first, Aaron really wanted to clarify some details about a statement that Xbox head Phil Spencer made at E3 2016. Phil stated that Project Scorpio would not have any exclusive games, but then went on to say that virtual reality games would be exclusive to Scorpio only. This kind of confused people because at first glance it seems to contradict itself, but Aaron clarified and stepped in to make things crystal clear. He explained that any kind of game or accessory that people had already bought for the Xbox One and the Xbox One S will work with Project Scorpio, but that virtual reality games will only be compatible with Scorpio, which makes sense considering Scorpio will have the hardware that the One and One S lacks. So, no contradiction, just more awesomeness.

Death of a Generation System?

With the exclusive game situation clarified Aaron started diving into what Microsoft's vision really was for Project Scorpio, and it sounds pretty cool. Aaron stated that "We think the future is withoutconsole generations," he said, explaining that Project Scorpio was a"big bet" that gamers will embrace that notion. This can also be a confusing statement and might make people ask "wait a minute, how will new game advances come out without new consoles?" Well, the interview went on to explain that like software updates, Microsoft is hoping to just be able to do hardware updates instead of having to wait several years before releasing a new concept console. Which, again, this makes a lot of sense since so many industries are pumping out products left and right with new hardware instead of waiting to release a new line of product.

Essentially what Aaron described was a collection of devices that work for each other rather than replacing one another. When the Xbox One came out it took forever for backwards compatibility to arrive for 360 games, and none of the accessories transferred over, but that won't be the case with Scorpio. No, it seems like Microsoft wants all of its devices to work together and share compatibility with moderate hardware updates along the way. Sounds good to us.

Xbox vs PlayStation: The Eternal Debate

Finally, while not necessarily specific to Project Scorpio, Aaron gave us a glimpse into how Xbox is stepping up against Sony's PlayStation for the furtue. "We're focused on a few things. I'd say first we're focused on growing the user base of our games, bringing our games to as many gamers as possible "said Aaron, who was describing Microsoft's efforts to allow all games to be played on not only Xbox, but also other Windows 10 products.PlayStation is currently beating Xbox in the console sales game, but Xbox is looking beyond that and trying to improve certain things, enhance what is already liked, and move to the future of gaming, which according to Xbox, won't be limited to a console on your entertainment set-up.

What do you think? Are you excited about the direction gaming is going and how the industry is responding to it? Let us know below!