We couldn't really ignore it any longer, not with Eurogamer and we hope many big sites heading toward the removal of review scores, replacing them with a fairer and more friendly system. So we've done just that, all our new reviews will be score-less and feature far more information regarding what the game's like to play, why we like it, why we think you should buy it, avoid it or perhaps purchase it with a few caveats.

So from now on you'll see Must Buy, Avoid and a Summary for those hard-to-pigeonhole games or those games that we can recommend on the strength of gameplay (not graphics) alone.

With sites like Metacritic used by publishers to determine who lives/dies in this industry, we can't support that. Same goes for publishers who push for high scores from review sites or threaten to withhold copies of the game for review.

We hope that this new system leads to better purchases or highlights neat games that we normally might not have seen.

Hopefully the publishers that do send us copies for review will jump in with us, if not, you'll find out in the review itself if we bought the game or received it.

Have fun, enjoy gaming and don't sweat the small stuff.