Blazing acrosshandheld platforms with over 10 MILLION downloads!

Bubble-popping puzzle action honed and perfected to the next level of arcade perfection, Bubble Blaze has been wowing and hooking gamers on iOS and other mobile platforms since launch - and in just that short time, the innovative puzzler has become a favourite in app stores on all platforms and has racked up OVER 10 MILLION DOWNLOADS!

Outplay Entertainment's vibrant and innovative hit takes a cosy familiar gameplay staple and totally retools it for handheld devices, bringing bubble-popping arcade action into the 21st century with tactile and tilting tactics, in addition to its very own line of unique bubble-blasting boosts, like fireballs and rainbow bubbles, to turn every round into an all-new challenge!

Game of Dragons: Another added extra which has drawn in gamers in their millions is the added quest element. BubbleBlaze's story-based campaigns pit your friendly dragon avatars against the villainous Sir Blackheart, who has stolen all the dragon eggs and must be stopped! Each level becomes a challenge to overcome tricky obstacles and foil his evil plans.

The developers have not been idle since Bubble Blaze was launched, adding new challenges on a regular basis, with the game now boasting 170 distinct levels of bubble-popping fun to master. The team have also optimised the game for several platforms including Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung and Nook, and it has been localised in six languages so far: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish -and now, Chinese.

If you're not one of the discerning 10 million, check out the trailer at now, to see just why it's captured so many gamers' imaginations!

Bubble Blaze is available now for free across Apple, Google Play, Amazon,Samsung and Nook.

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