PC Hardware posted a MEGA coolers roundup with products from Swiftech, Alpha, Kanie, Fanner, Fortis, Thermaltake, Thermal Integration, AVC, OCZ, Zalman, Tiger, Power Cooler. There are coolers for every user, from the regular user to the hardcore overclocker. PC Hardware tested the coolers performance and noise in real world conditions. A comparison of 22 coolers in 26 pages. Heres a quote:

    "Before going to actual tests I have to tell you that you should not compare our test results with the temperature showed by your motherboard monitor. We invested a lot of time in making these results as accurate as possible, but the main objective of this round up is the comparison. The difference between our measurement method and the one displayed by a Omega sensor installed on a Taisol using the AMD method was at most 2.7degrees Celsius, so I think that the results are in an acceptable accuracy interval."