We live in a digital age now

Social Media, online connectivity - these are the by words of our new 'connected' age. So it didn't surprise us at all when we got an invite to preview the Watch, the new and exclusive community for the fans of Assassin's Creed - centred around Asssassin's Creed IV: Black Flag of course. The Watch is a website devoted to all things Assassin's Creed, with exclusive behind the scenes information on the next game in the series, Black Flag.

The site is simple to navigate and packed with content, from the aforementioned tid-bits on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - including information on locations, factions such as the pirates and behind the scenes exclusive looks at the game itself - the Watch delivers a swag load of goodies.

There are also user generated uploads, twitter feeds and more hiding away on the Watch ready for eager assassins of all kinds to take a peek at. From user generated art, cosplay pictures, behind the scenes E3 videos and anything related to the franchise - the fast updating website news feeds pump out the information - and can be tailored to produce the right stream for you.

Don't want pictures, turn them off.

If you're a hard-hitting contributor, there are rewards as you unlock missions on the website - such as Master of Rumours. It's a great way to encourage people to share their content, links and videos on Social Media sites like Facebook and provide some extra zing to the AC IV marketing train. You can leverage any number of your own real life skills to get rewarded.

Stick around the site long enough and you'll earn rewards for being an active member of the community. Put a ton of content on Facebook shared from the various uploads and you'll earn that way too.

It's all about bringing together like-minded passionate gamers from the AC franchise and uniting them in a place where they can share everything they'd ever want from the game.

There's already an impressive slew of user generated content bubbling through the various news streams, some great fan art and some nice AC related cosplay pictures to enjoy. It's not mandatory of course to join the Watch, but its part of UPlay so you need a UPlay account to get the Watch's features.

Simple though, preorder AC IV (sneaky) and you get a code, join UPlay and use the code to join the Watch.

Jump right in and start uploading any cool AC materials you find, click like on a bunch of stuff and actively participate in a growing community experience. You can bet that it's not going to stop there; not considering the Watch is also compatible with smartphones, tablets and iOS devices like the iPad. No, there are plans afoot for updates to the Watch and even more content on the way...

As a companion to Uplay, the Watch is a pretty neat community driven place to keep the buzz alive for the AC series and as a huge fan of the series we're excited not only for Black Flag...but for the way the Watch will evolve over time.

There be BOOTY for all!