Speedy 3D have just kicked up a head-to-head review of two copper CPU coolers, the Vantec CCK-6035D and the CoolMax CBG-38. Heres a snip:

    "The Vantec unit is noticeably larger than the CoolMax heatsink. Unlike the Vantec, in the box you will find nothing more than the Heatsink. Vantec included a small amount of thermal grease as well as a three to four pin power adapter, while the CoolMax unit did not. Both units come with sizable fans which are between the 6000-6800RPM 38 CFM range (as was reported by the BIOS of the KA266-R). While noticeably louder than most fans, they also cool much better. You may also notice in the pictures that the Vantec also has a grill over the fan which prevents cables and other goodies from blocking the fan."