The iron fist of the Emperor is typified by the Space Marines; the Adeptus Astartes are the most inspiring and terrifying sight across the Imperium's many worlds. Whilst the backbone of the Imperium's fighting force are the Imperial Guard and their many legions, the Space Marines are the Emperor's finest and their courage knows no equal.

In Dawn of War II you'll notice right away that the Space Marines are stronger than many of the other faction units, they however suffer a higher cost when they lose a squad. The requisition and power cost to bring out these units is a lot higher. This particular article looks at the units of the Imperium's finest and marks the first of the four faction guides to the up-coming Dawn of War 2.

The Space Marine Units

The Scout Marine

The cornerstone of any good offensive operation is data, tactical data at that and the Space Marine Scouts are the best at providing that data for the Imperium. They gain a number of useful abilities and they're cheap to bring out.

  • Requisition: 210
  • Population: 9

Scout Marine Abilities

Infiltration: Granted when the Scout unlocks either the Shotgun or the Sniper Rifle. For an energy cost the Scout is able to remain cloaked and spy upon the enemy, attacking enemy troops, getting too close or using abilities will break this effect.

Frag Grenades: The Frag Grenade is a useful tool to attack enemies behind cover or in buildings, since it ignores both. It does a decent amount of damage as well. It is unlocked when the squad has a Sergeant.

Repair: Allows the squad to repair a targeted allied vehicle/structure.

Scout Marine Upgrades (Wargear)

Shotguns: A formidable close combat weapon, this powerful addition to the Scout's arsenal allows them to knock back enemies and also grants the use of their Infiltrate ability.

  • Requisition: 40
  • Power: 20

Scout Sergeant: A highly trained Scout Sergeant joins the squad. This unlocks the use of the Frag Grenade and provides a bonus to the Scout Marine squad.

  • Requisition: 40
  • Power: 25
  • Population: 3
  • Tech Level: 2
  • Sniper Rifles: Long distance killing power coupled with a stealthy muzzle signature. The Sniper Rifle unlocks Infiltrate and allows the Scout Marines a greater range of fire with which to engage their enemies at distance.

    • Requisition: 100
    • Power: 80
    • Tech Level: 2

    Tactical Marine Squad

    A versatile squad that can be upgraded with several weapon configurations. The Tactical Marines are a solid and dependable force on the battlefield, able to engage infantry and vehicles depending on the selected Wargear.

    • Requisition: 500
    • Population: 15

    Tactical Marine Abilities

    And They Shall Know No Fear: The inspirational presence of a Sergeant unlocks this ability. The squad cannot move but they gain a bonus to their ranged weapon damage.

    Tactical Marine Upgrades (Wargear)

    Flamer: This weapon sends out jets of Promethium that ignite and burn the enemy. It is an excellent weapon for use against infantry in cover or buildings.

    • Requisition: 75
    • Power: 20

    Sergeant: The presence of a Sergeant bolsters the troops and grants the use of And They Shall Know No Fear. The Sergeant is an excellent melee combatant and excels in close quarters.

    • Requisition: 50
    • Power: 25
    • Population: 5
    • Tech Level: 2

    Plasma Gun: A weapon that excels against infantry and heavy infantry, the Plasma Gun propels a bolt of deadly energy at enemies and strikes with a fearsome blast.

    • Requisition: 65
    • Power: 30
    • Tech Level: 2

    Missile Launcher: A formidable weapon against heavy infantry, better against vehicles. The Missile Launcher has a slightly longer fire/reload time but packs a punch when it tracks onto the target.

    • Requisition: 80
    • Power: 40
    • Tech Level: 2

    Devastator Heavy Bolter Squad

    The Devastator Heavy Bolter Squad is best used for suppression. It has a limited firing arc and requires some setup time. The squad is excellent against infantry and can turn the tide of battle if you're being overwhelmed by a superior number infantry force, like the Orks.

    • Requisition: 345
    • Population: 12

    Devastator Heavy Bolter Squad Abilities

    Focus Fire: In a hail of explosive Bolter shells the squad opens fire, removing the suppression effect but increasing the damage that the Heavy Bolter does by a significant amount.

    Devastator Heavy Bolter Squad Upgrades (Wargear)

    Targeter: This upgrade unlocks the Focus Fire ability.

    • Requisition: 20
    • Power: 10

    Assault Squad

    These are the Angels of Death, marines that can cross large sections of the battlefield via the use of jump packs. They are close-combat specialists and they can ambush/surprise an enemy who is dug into cover. They can be upgraded to take on vehicles and enemies in buildings.

    Assault Squad Abilities

    Jump: The Assault Squad can jump into the air, soar over the battlefield and land with a knock-back effect on any enemy that are in the vicinity.

    Melta Bomb: This highly explosive device can temporarily immobilise vehicles. It causes a good amount of damage and is excellent versus vehicles. It is unlocked with the Thunder and Lightning Wargear.

    Blind Grenade: This grenade is akin to a flash-bang. It is used when attacking buildings and temporarily blinds enemies and disables their ranged weapons.

    Merciless Strike: A vicious explosive melee strike that is unlocked when a Sergeant is in the Assault Squad.

    Assault Squad Upgrades (Wargear)

    Thunder and Lightning: This equips the squad with Melta Bombs and Blind Grenades.

    • Requisition: 30
    • Power: 15
    • Tech Level: 2

    Sergeant: A melee specialist armed with a power sword. The Assault Sergeant is a highly capable close quarter's combat expert and gives the squad the Merciless Strike ability.

    • Requisition: 50
    • Power: 25
    • Population: 5
    • Tech Level: 2

    Devastator Plasma Cannon Squad

    A squad armed with a massive Plasma Cannon. This marine squad is capable of destroying troops that are dug in. It has a limited fire arc and requires some setup time to bring to bear. It is highly effective against vehicles and most troops.

    • Requisition: 400
    • Population: 12
    • Tech Level: 2


    When the Imperium needs to send a message and show its power, it brings forth the Dreadnought. This is a terrible and awe-inspiring fighting machine/walker that has fearsome melee combat abilities as well as an upgrade that allows the use of devastating Assault Cannon blasts firing explosive shells at the enemy. The Dreadnought inspires nearby troops when it is seen killing enemies.

    • Requisition: 500
    • Power: 9
    • Population: 15
    • Tech Level: 2

    Dreadnought Abilities

    Emperor's Fist: The Dreadnought slams its massive metal hands into the ground, this causes area effect damage and stuns nearby enemies for a while.

    Assault Cannon Barrage: This looses an area effect rapid fire assault from the cannon. The Dreadnought peppers the zone with explosive shells that can also kill your allies.

    Dreadnought Upgrades (Wargear)

    Assault Cannon: The fearsome Assault Cannon can tear enemies to shreds. It unlocks the Assault Cannon Barrage.

    • Requisition: 45
    • Power: 45

    Note: The AC removes the Emperor's Fist, the inspire effect and reduces the Dreadnought's melee ability.

    Dark Age of Technology: The whispers of the Adeptus Mechanicus and their rites bring forth the power of the Machine Spirit. The Dreadnought gains a boost to its overall health and an even greater inspirational effect from melee attacks.


    An armoured troop transport, the Razorback is a swift way to get your marines to the thick of combat. It can fire smoke shells to provide a cover area for nearby troops and is good against infantry and light vehicles. It can also be used to reinforce nearby squads/allies.

    • Requisition: 240
    • Power: 40
    • Population: 10
    • Tech Level: 2

    Razorback Abilities

    Smoke Launcher: This launches a smoke canister out that deploys and creates a blanket of thick smoke. It provides a cover bonus for units within the area of effect.

    Razorback Upgrades (Wargear)

    Reinforced Armour Plating: Extra metal armour plates are added to the transport. This increases the units overall health.

    • Requisition: 15
    • Power: 15

    Predator Tank

    A massive battle tank that rampages across the battlefield. It can take down infantry, heavy infantry and vehicles at range. It is a devastating mechanised unit that is the backbone of the Space Marine assault. It is a fearsome sight when it comes smashing through a wall or two towards a group of units taking them down with volleys of cannon fire.

    • Requisition: 450
    • Power: 125
    • Population: 18
    • Tech Level: 3

    Space Marine Specialised Units

    Through Drop Pods and teleporters the Imperium can bring down additional support from the orbiting Battle Barge. These range from Terminators armed with Assault weapons to a configurable Terminator squad. Lastly of course is the Venerable Dreadnought, a powerful upgraded version of the standard model that is even more inspiring and deadly than its counterpart.

    Space Marine Overview

    These are a squad that's highly suited to players who prefer a small number of units. The maximum standard size for most Space Marine squads is 3. With the additional Sergeant this can be bumped up to 4. They excel at providing a spearhead into enemy held territory and with numerous hard-hitting options they're great for a dragged out fight. The downside is that they are fewer in number and take heavy losses when they are killed.

    Join us later in the week for a look at the Ork faction and their Art of WaaaaaaaaGH!