Orc Noodle Surprise

Finally Arathor has gathered together all the supplies it needs, now we need some brave soul, or should I say a guild with a bunch of level 60’s to assemble the staff. Now this is where the world plot line ends for any character below level 55, as now you need to go to Silithus, and get owned in some instances. Great one blizzard, so all those new servers who have hardly collected anything may be months off even coming close to doing this.

Some good news to report, the expansion is now available for pre-order of Amazon, so you should go and slap your hard earned cash down and get yours reserved. It’s not too expensive. In fact it’s blatantly cheap if you ask me. So anyone who was a bit iffy about getting it shouldn’t worry about it, as the fun will definitely out way the cost.

On another note, all those people who speak Spanish or are Spanish, your lucky day is coming, it seems blizzard have taken note to the over full English realms, and started down the road to add more servers for each language group. Well I hope they add more realms, because if not the Spanish version of the game will mean the English servers will get hammered even more.

One of the things our editor has asked me to do is to get our readers to give us some input about what you want to hear about. So all of you out there in internetland we need your help, if you have any suggestions about things you would like me to be sarcastic about. Or just something you would like to have me look at in the world of Azeroth then let us know?

Recipe for Orc Noodle Surprise ‘Norc Suprise’
2x 100g packs of instant noodles
400ml of water
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
4 Slices of Salami
4 Slices of Cheese
Random Spices

Empty the contents of the packs of noodles in to a bowl; you may need to pound them with your fists first to break them in to smithereens. Add the slices of Salami, cut them in to small squares first, unless you wan to show those elves who’s the best. Chop the cheese up in to strips (Don’t stick them up your nose), and put the cheese into the bowl. Add the soy sauce (Don’t drink it) and some Random Spices to suit your taste.
Boil the water, and add to the bowl, (yes the water is hot, and no you cannot pour it on the goblins). Stir the contents of the bowl together and leave to stand for about 3 minutes or until all the noodles are soft. I said the noodles are soft, not you, so you can calm down. Once ready eat in the traditional Orcish fashion.

Bug of the Week – ‘The Twitching’
Usually when you kill something you expect it to stay dead and stop moving, I’m not sure what happened in Azeroth to cause The Twitching. Maybe some mysterious plague or strange magic, but no when I kill some creatures they start to twitch, sometimes it a thumb, but others go through waking motions. I definitely think this is foul magic at work.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won’t – ‘Krongwheets Anti-Lagg System’
Many of you have experienced it, and all of us hate it, but when the dreaded lag comes around all we want to do is spit and scream at people. Well Krongwheet, has come up with a cunning invention, that will eliminate the possibility of lag altogether. However, how it works and where to buy it from are trade secrets, Krongwheet was always very bright but had no business sense so the invention is the talk of the town but impossible to get.