• Overclockers Online have posted up their second Socket A motherboard review in one week and their 100th review since they launched the site almost a year ago. This time, they look at a sweet KT133A board from IWill, the KK266plus-R. The board has onboard RAID, superb 6 channel onboard sound, overclocking and tweaking options, and much more ... On top of all these goodies, the KK266plus-R performs extremely well and runs 100% stable throughout all the tests. Snip:

      "To check out what our KK266plus-R was capable of, we decided to test it by using the fastest AMD CPU currently available (the Athlon 1.4GHz) and some fast OCZ Performance Max SDRAM (pretested stable @ 175MHz CAS3) to be sure the memory doesn't act as a bottleneck. After some serious experimenting, I found out that the KK266plus-R is capable of running my Athlon CPU and the memory @ 161MHz CAS3 and @ 153MHz CAS2. That's quite an achievement, don't you think?? :)"