Going Postal.

Come on Blizzard, it been nearly 2 weeks since the War Effort page was updated; I know my realm is getting close to completion. Many realms are still far of opening the gates, however with the lack of updates on the WoW site it leaves people like me wondering just how well things are going for some of the newer realms.

In a world without FedEx you leave it up to the players to deliver messages and packages. However in the case of some quests the FedExing around goes beyond a joke. After spending nearly 2 hours travelling back and forth between Booty Bay and The Shimmering Flats, I started to think Blizzard hates its player base. As there is one thread of quests which has you passing messages between two goblins. It would be annoying if they were in the same city but these two goblins are on different continents. Why can’t the NPCs use the postal system like the players? I was starting to think they would name the boat in Ratchet after me I had used it so much for this quest. So if you get a quest to gather Dream Dust from an NPC in The Shimmering Flats, expect to be doing a lot of travelling.

One thing that amazed me was when I took part in a raid on Stormwind. 37 stalwart Horde members, gathered together to try and get in to Stormwind. 37 stalwart Horde members, failed to get past the front gate, as about 300 Alliance turned up. However later that evening. 4 Stalwart Horde members managed to get in to Darnassus, and run through to the Elf starting area to do a bit of fishing. It seems the resistance you get is proportional to the number of members in the raid. The 4 of us noticed only 2 or 3 Alliance players turned up to try and stop us. So this set me thinking, why don’t guilds infiltrate opposition cities in small groups then log off in a safe spot. Then arrange for all the guild to log on at the same time, in order to form a surprise attack. The opposition would not know what hit them as hundreds of enemies start appearing all over the city.

Bug of the Week – ‘To PvP or not to PvP’
Trying to kill enemy guards without turning on your PvP is next to impossible, however the Hunters and Warlocks have a little trick. Well anyone who has a pet that is capable of defending its owner. You need to set the pet or minion (fluffy) to defensive, and go into aggro range of a PvP guard or NPC. Do not attack the guard and do not heal the pet or minion, just run away from the guard and let it hit you once. Your pet will then take the aggro off you; a high level pet is most useful for this. If all goes according to plan the enemy guard or NPC, will attack your pet or minion and your minion will attack back. Just make sure you do not hit the guard, cast any spells or use skills on your pet or minion. Now if your pet or minion is powerful enough it can kill the hostile character and your PvP flag won’t be turned on.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won’t – ‘The Killer Rabbit’
Around the world of Azeroth there is plenty of flora and fauna, lots of cute and not so cute animals hopping around. The bunny being one of the most profitable for low level characters, as you can skin it for some leather. So you get all these cute little hippty-hops, been slain by low level character with leather working. So who will get revenge for all the ‘Bunny Death’. Maybe ‘The Killer Rabbit’ should be introduced. A Lvl 75 Elite creature, that will lunge at any one who passes near by. ‘The Killer Rabbit’ is a fearsome creature that will leave no character alive.