EuroGamer has now posted its take on the new GeForce 3 Titanium. According to them, if you're looking for a review which tells you what you need to know instead of bombarding you with twenty pages of techno-babble and hundreds of graphs full of benchmarks, this is for you. A snip follows:

    "The Ti500 is the fastest consumer graphics card on the market, with the potential to dwarf even the achievements of ATI's rival Radeon 8500, while the Ti200 gives its nearest competitor the Radeon 7500 a run for its money. On all four cards anti-aliasing is a perfectly feasible option, with NVIDIA edging the ATI cards out ever so slightly. Their now familiar unified drivers also make things much simpler for users. The Detonator XP drivers, which have just launched, serve every NVIDIA GPU with the exception of the portable GeForce 2 GO, and build in support for DirectX 8.1, hardware-specific OpenGL revisions and Windows XP."