Damn! I got into this reviewing/previewing lark just a bit too late to be able to review the earlier Rugrats GBC game, this time I hope to be a bit more fortunate. In this adaptation of the popular Children's Cartoon (well not just popular to children : ] ), Tommy, Chuckie, and the rest of the gang go on an adventure through time, hence the name Time Travellers! Here's what the nice people over at THQ have to say about it:

The ever-popular Rugrats babies find themselves in another adventure on Game Boy Color! RugratsÔ: Time Travellers puts Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica in a toy store with an out-of-this world time machine. Players guide their favourite Rugrats through 10 huge levels based on different time periods ranging from the Prehistoric era to the Wild West. Filled with games for kids of all ages, players will be able to experience several different game styles, including traditional platform, puzzle, chase, and racing.

As stated above the game is played using the good old tried and tested platform view. In addition to this normal wandering around as one of the Rugrats mode, there are also a great variety of other game styles throughout this game. The puzzle and racing games are just a few of these styles, which the Time Travellers have in store for you. The game itself consists of 10 levels, through which different variations on the above game styles will be played. In addition to the standard 10 levels there is also loads of hidden levels, which probably will be accessed by doing certain stuff in on of the main levels, as that is the usual way with hidden levels. Game saves/level access will be done using the standard password style. Time Travellers game should be available on both the Gameboy Colour and the standard Gameboy, (also the super gameboy).

One thing I am really looking forward to in this game is to try out the racing part of the game. I love it when developers manage to add a racing element into games, (and hopefully manage to do it well). Having different styles of game inside a single game is usually a good thing in my view, as it adds some extra diversity into the games. That doesn't include games such as Colin McRay Rally though, I doubt adding more of a racing element would help much there!

Rugrats: Time Travellers looks to be another great game brought out from THQ. Although it says the game is going to be aimed at the 6 to 12 age range, although I think the Rugrats brand name will carry it further afield than that. This one is another worth looking out for, and as always, we will be reviewing this as soon as we get it. So come back soon! : )