The year is 2237 Humans have finally developed warp gates, enabling instant travel between huge distances and using this technology they have colonized many planets, expanding the worlds and building new colonies with warp gates to colonize more worlds.

Not going unnoticed this activity by Humans, Aliens attacked through the warp gates, flooding in attacking the colonized worlds as they go, warping to other worlds and attacking them. Humans quick to respond sending you to take on the alien horde single-handed across the 22 worlds the aliens have invaded.

During your single-handed suicide attack you will face many enemy units, different and challenging terrains plus other hazards such as ice, volcanoes, rivers & meteor storms. You will have to fight over 30 different enemy units ranging from ground units, air units and cyborg vehicles.

What do you have to combat these different hazards? Well a pretty nifty morphing vehicle that you can change into a vehicle that's best on the terrain your on, you get to choose from Buggy, Armoured Truck, Multi-Terrain Hovercraft, Helijet and Super Fast Skimmer modes. You will need to be careful what mode you change into as each mode has distinct advantages and disadvantages which you must take not of in your current fighting situation.

Your vehicle is not only limited to some nifty morphs, you can also upgrade the weapons you have. You get 15 upgradable weapons including upgradable cannons, plasma bolts, lasers, flame-thrower missiles and grenades. The game does include some strategic elements and some resource management which should keep the RTS people happy as well as those die hard arcade people.

The game has been designed to be Non-linear and for you and your mates, theres a multiplayer option which include capture the flag, buggy madness, powerball, buggyball, jet racing and buggy racing over 10+ gaming arenas.

Overall Infestation looks to be a good game, with some nice graphics, Non-linear gameplay and some extra elements that could make it a winner. Look forward to a review up on gx soon!