Sierra Cartel jumps into the shoes of an ordinary Lego character to see if he has the ability to live up to his destiny and save the world. More importantly does this Lego game smash the myth of the quick cash in movie game?


The plot of this game follows that of the recently released Lego Movie. The lead character Emmett Brickowski is just your average construction worker who accidentally stumbles upon the Piece of Resistance whilst investigating why someone is looking around the construction site at night. The Piece of Resistance is an ancient artefact which allows the wielder to become a Masterbuilder, (someone who can build anything without using a blueprint) it also is foretold that it is the only thing that can stop the evil Lord Business and his super weapon the Kragle. Emmett learns of his destiny and has to go from zero to hero with the help of Wildstyle, the wizard Vitruvius and other popular characters from various pop culture universes.


The game contains four hub areas which are known as Bricksburg (City), Flatbush Gulch (Wild West) and Cloud Cuckoo (Fantasy Style) and the Bonus hub area which doesn't unlock until you complete the game. These hub areas seem to lack content when compared to other Lego games especially the recently released Lego Marvel game, which leads me to believe that the developers have aimed this Lego game at a younger target audience.

Within the game there are simple puzzles which involve matching pieces of Lego bricks. The faster these puzzles are solved the more Lego studs are earned. There are also on the rails sections which can be difficult for younger players to grasp due to the camera angles.

The Lego Movie video game contains all of the usual collectibles such as gold bricks, red bricks and mini kits.The whole game can be completed in Co-op with the standard drop in, drop out mode that has become a very welcome staple feature of the Lego Series.


The Lego Movie Videogame is the best looking lego game to date and there is special attention paid to details such as bringing the comedy elements from the movie into the Lego game in the lego games series traditional manner.


There are some issues with the camera when in the co-op mode but these are mainly to do with the fact that the screen can only pan out so far. But these issues are almost none existent in the single player game.


There are over 90 characters from various different story sources such as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Lando Calrissian and C3P0 from Star Wars, various characters from the DC Universe and various historical greats such as William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln. All the voice actors from the Lego film are present such as Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt, Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams and Shaquille O'Neal who plays himself. The voiceovers and cut scenes from the movie make this one of the most entreating and best Lego games to date but this is slightly let down due to reasons previously mentioned.


I awarded the game 8/10 due to the camera issues and the fact that the game seems to have lost some of the fun that was in the most recent Lego games but maybe this is due to losing some of the creative input when a game is made that directly follows the plot of a movie.

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