The undead have risen in the wild west and Jane Wilde has been called upon to stop them. With mobile gaming you don't need to have a big involved story, and if you're not tired of shooting up zombies this could be a game worth checking out.


The gameplay like the story is very straight forward; kill all of the undead. To do this you will move forwards, backwards and shoot and kick. While it starts off fun enough and in short bursts it's easy to pick up and play, but if you want to get some extended play you will quickly find the games thirty levels fast becoming a chore. There are all sorts of enemies, and besides the standard zombie you might need to press more than the shoot button. But the game quickly ramps up the amount of enemies and in the end you just have to hope your ammunition holds out, as it can be a sparse pick up and you don't last long when your only option is to kick. Besides the story mode there is also a Survival mode where you can play for high scores against your friends or the leaderboard.


The graphics are cartoony yet gory, with nice backdrops from the wild west. The undead will often have their guts falling out or brains sticking out so be warned if you're after a game for your kids to play. One thing that unfortunately stands out during the whole game is Jane's large novelty breasts from every loading screen to every time she moves her bouncing boobs will be with you every step of the way. There is an audience out there that will think that's great and there will be people who think it's a bit gratuitous but at the end of the day it's a side scrolling zombie shooter and you've got to make it stand out in the crowd.


The music is fine the first time, but you will hear it repeated a lot.


I never really felt like I had a problem with the touch controls throughout the game, moving only left or right on one side of the screen and the kick, shoot and change guns are on the other.

What do you get for free

You can play all of the game for free and early on you start collecting the in-game currency at a rate that allows you to easily start purchasing new weapons, power ups and upgrades. If you find yourself low on coins you can use real money to buy more. It is likely you will need to purchase ammo with the coins you collect because you will run out and while enemies can drop ammo you can also find yourself stuck in a level with all your guns empty. Fortunately it isn't hard to buy enough ammo to keep your guns stocked up between levels.

You can spend real money on different costumes for Jane. Each new costume is a dollar, although they seem to be purely cosmetic and have names such as Nurse and Mistress. If you like revealing costumes on your large breasted cartoon characters then it's a great way to support the developers, but if you're not they're not forced in your face unlike Janes breasts in every other part of the game.