Codemasters have released a new demo for Operation Flashpoint. this all-new playable demo gives you the chance to team up and complete a mission in multiplayer style. Heres some blurb:

    This demo consists of a single mission, in which you're cast as an infantry squad member. Your squad's mission is to get to and hold a city, then stop the opposing squad taking control of the flag points, scattered throughout the city. Each time a flag is taken, the capturing team gets a point. Points are also awarded for neutralising enemies. The team with the most points when the game finishes wins.

    This demo supports 2-8 players on a LAN or across the Internet. A server connection of at least 128Kbps is recommended for Internet hosts. The release of the demo follows the availability of a new Upgrade, which comes complete with server software enabling the creation of online multiplayer servers.