What? There isn't one. If you were looking for one, you came to the wrong place!


Short, simple and sweet. Big Bang Mini is one of those games that just oozes playability in terms of control. It's kind of like EA's Boom Boom Rocket, yet it's not. It's a shooter that takes advantage of the DS's control methods, hardware and the stuff that most DS game developers just completely ignore. I like it and here's why.

The game plays simply. You guide fireworks using the stylus; you'll be using the stylus a lot. Move your fireworks through the top screen and blast any object that's right up there. Keep track of your ship and make sure that any left over cinders don't vaporise it. You can't baby your ship all the time since you'll be making flick-flick motions on the touch screen to get the fireworks going.

Slide the stylus towards the top, zoom, you fire off a rocket. Obliterate all the stuff on the top screen, watch your ship as I said though down below since the left over sparks are dangerous. Collect star power ups, raise power level, rinse and repeat ad infinitum. At least these power ups appear when you blast all of your enemies into tiny bits.

It has a lot going for it, there are lots of levels and of course there's the obligatory boss fight right at the end of the game, harkening back to a simpler time. To further add to that feeling you get a bonus level to play at the end of every level. This bonus level is a: connect the dots kind of deal to form some kind of recognisable icon, kind of deal.

This arcade mode is a typical mode, you're unlocking levels and you're playing to beat the end boss. All in all it's great fun, they fun doesn't stop there either.


Multiplayer offers an online mode, versus a friend or so on. You have leader boards and all that good stuff that's been the crowing point of Xbox Live etc for years. You can synch DS' up and play like that or go online and hunt for opponents. You'll then be able to play the levels and see who gets the best score, good for pointing and laughing at your friend for real. Or bragging rights across the online community if you go for that kind of thing.


It's basic, it's fun and it's got a lot of heart and style. The graphics aren't going to make your eyes bleed and if they did then it would be very odd. Simply put, it looks nice and while it doesn't push the DS' hardware, it's pretty.


The sound is decent, there's a nice mix of effects and I like the sound effects for the explosions, not much else I can say really.


Techno, techno, techno! Lots of techno music and each level feels unique, especially the bosses.

Appeal or something like that

Big Bang Mini does a lot for the DS, its great fun and even better with a friend/enemy to play against. The DS hardware isn't pushed to the limit; it is used to create an addictive puzzle game with a lot of heart. Part puzzler, part fps and all fun for the low price tag, these are the kinds of things I like to hear in regard to casual gaming.