O² takes a closer look those new Fortis coolers that perform very well. Expect some heavy heatsink power from these sweeties as they will keep your rig nice and safe! Snip:

    "Here's how we test all heatsinks @ O² ... We tested each heatsink for about an hour with RC5 and Prime95 running together with other common used software like email, ICQ and stuff. RC5 and Prime95 is used to max out the CPU power and to let the CPU generate as much heat as possible. After an hour, we measured the temperature with that nifty little program called Motherboard Monitor. The next step is to turn of all the programs that were running during the stress test and see how the temperature evolves after about half an hour. That's when we measure the idle temps. I'd like to note that the HQ45 case of our testbed was closed and no additional case cooling was turned on. By the way ... this is how we always test the HSF's around here!"