Today, we have another guest review from Simon. Enjoy...

Story/ Concept

You play a character called Harman Smith; He is wheelchair bound and has seven distinct personalities. These are named Kaede Smith, Dan Smith, Kevin Smith, Con Smith, Coyote Smith, Garcian Smith and Mask de Smith. You have to use these Personalities to defeat your enemies. The story revolves around two men whose paths through life have intertwined regularly and turns into a tale of Revenge. One is your character and the other is a man named Kun Lan.


This is hard to describe... The game is a third person action game but the shooting is done in a first person style. The game plays like it is on rails but you choose when to run. The character follows a set path when they run around. The only thing that is familiar is the shooting sections which are played out as if you are playing a light gun game. The personalities need to be woken up in order to use them, this is achieved by killing enemies and collecting their blood and then going to Harman's room (save point) and using the television. The personalities can be upgraded with new abilities that will help you through the game which are also bought with the blood.

Control System

The controls are unlike anything I have used before. The game is basically an on-rails shooter, except you choose when to move and change into first person mode at the touch of a button any time you want. You use the A button to run when you get to an area of interest e.g. character or junction an option appears on the screen you just hit the analogue stick in that direction. And that's it, as I said they are simple controls but they are a bit strange at first.


The game is different in the fact that it uses cell shaded graphics and they are not usually associated with a game of this nature. They are usually used for lighter games e.g. the new Spiderman game that is on its way. The style actually suits the game but it does take a while to get used to it. Killer 7 was made by Gouichi Suda who has worked on comic books and has brought his knowledge of the genre with him when he helped make this game.

Characters / Personalities

Harman Smith: This is your character and is in a wheel chair. It is your job to stop the Heaven Smile, they are causing chaos all over the world.

Kaede Smith: This is the only female personality, she is your long range shooter and has a double zoom so you can target your enemy's weak spots with ease. She can also do some Close quarters combat. Her special power is the ability to remove invisible barriers.

Dan Smith: Dan is the most aggressive of the personalities and would be a well rounded character. The only character I can compare him to is Dirty Harry, in the fact that they both take no shit off of anyone and they both carry great big magnum revolvers. His special power is a devastating shot that can cause a lot of damage.

Kevin Smith: Kevin is an albino man who loves using a knife. At close range his attacks are so fluid that it seems like he's dancing. For long range attacks he uses throwing knives, whilst these do less damage than the normal knife he uses he does have one advantage over those who use guns. He never has to spend time reloading. He likes being on his own and hardly ever speaks. His special power is invisibility which can be used to pass security beams and enemies.

Con Smith: Con is a blind boy who has exceptional hearing that allows him to see sounds. He is also the fastest member of Harmen's personalities. He wields dual automatic pistols and is the only one to do so. His special power is his speed.

Coyote Smith: Coyote is a cold blooded thug who has a knack for picking locks. His weapon is a customised revolver. His special ability is that he can jump very high and can beat any lock.

Garcian Smith: Garcian is the team's leader and hasn't got a sense of humour at all. He uses a silenced pistol as his weapon of choice. His special ability isn't that special. He has a telegnosis skill that can reveal hidden enemies. This sounds great but any of the other characters can do this also. Garcian can also revive fallen personalities by recovering their bodies.

Mask De Smith: Mask was a professional wrestler who just vanished without a trace. He is armed with double grenade launchers. He has the most powerful weapons and can attack multiple Heaven Smiles at once. He doesn't have a special power as such but he can destroy walls and fire two other types of shot, these are Electric and Gravity.

Heaven Smile: These are your enemies and look a cross between zombies and puppets. They are invisible until you scan them and then they appear all have a yellow patch which is their weak point. There are many types of heaven smile.


There are no multiplayer game modes in this game. But with the control system that is in place a multiplayer mode would not work as this game is not a standard first person shooter.


This game will last you for a while as there are multiple difficulty levels and powers to upgrade each personality.


• Very different Gameplay

• Playing different personalities

• Easy controls


• No Voice acting just a horrible squealing noise

• Not standard controls

• Visual style may put people off