Throne of Darkness Haven has managed to pin down Leif Jensen from Click Entertainment to answer a few questions. As per usual the required snippet below:

    Something I (and most other insane gamers) dislike about recent games are that they don't provide enough gameplay time (Max Payne, anyone?). How long will ToD keep us intrigued?

    We have had people finish the entire game in 35 to 50 hours. The game is going to take sometime if you go through every nook and cranny and clear everything out. What is cool about the re-playability is that you can start from any of the four castles, making the game, kind of like, four single player games in one. Each castle you start from has different quests with different cinematics, so to see them all; you have to play the game at least four times. Also, when you kill the Dark warlord, you can start a game in multiplayer as the Dark Samurai, where the Dark Warlord monster's fight alongside you.