ECTS 2001 - LONDON, CDV Software Entertainment is celebrating at ECTS following the accolade awarded its title Project Nomads. The game, currently being developed by Radon Labs, was named as the PC Game Of The Show by a panel of elite European journalists visiting the exhibition.

Accepting the award on behalf of CDV, Martin Loehlein, development director, said: "This is a fantastic honour for CDV. We all firmly believe our forthcoming games will be the best on the market, but it is terrific when our views are confirmed by an independent jury."

"Radon Labs have worked incredibly hard to create an amazing game in Project Nomads, and they fully deserve this accolade."

The award crowns a highly successful ECTS for CDV, which launched into the international games market just one year ago, and in that time has become one of the leading PC publishers, with international hits such as Sudden Strike and Cossacks: European Wars under its belt. At ECTS, CDV showed no fewer than eight new PC titles due for release next year, including the classic RPG Divine Divinity, and Imperium Galactica III: Genesis, as well as the award-winning Project Nomads.