From the starting movie sequence this looked like quite a good game but as soon as I started playing the game my initial excitement turned to "what on earth is this!" I thought it was going to be a decent first person perspective walk around adventure game but it wasn't even a poor first person perspective walk around game. You navigate around the game by clicking an area on the screen then the game redraws the surrounding area from the point you just clicked on there is no walking around! I mean how dull is that!

Still I carried on playing it, only because I had to you understand! The story line seemed a bit wired as well. First you start off on a boat on a small lake, on a snow-covered mountain near Nepal. After talking to a wise blokey on the boat you work out that you have to use one of the triangular stones in the room to work a transport device. After doing this you suddenly get transported into a monks' body on a small island. On this island there is a small cave and part of a skull at the end of it. You then have to search the whole island for the rest of this skull. Once you have re-assembled the skull it will come to life and grown at you. Then you have to help it to talk. It was at that point that I got incredibly irritated with the game and the constant screen redrawing every 5 seconds. There was just no fluidity in the game.

As you can tell the gameplay was poor beyond belief. The researchers into this game cant have done the market research on this game properly coz no one in their right minds would want a game like this.

Actually one of the ok points to the game were that the graphics and sound weren't too bad, or at least I didn't notice anything wrong with them while getting completely hacked off with the gameplay.

Junk! Absolute waste of time! Please don't go out and buy it. If the constant re-drawing of the screen doesn't turn you away eventually the story line will. If you are looking for a good first person perspective adventure game look somewhere else coz you ain't gonna find anything good here.