If you like driving games - you'll love this! I think it's very addictive. As you get into the later levels, you might not want to play it as much if you're known for having a bit of a short fuse (LOL) - like me! So, Ladies and Gentlemen, in this amazing driving game you basically pick a car you like from what's available, pick a driver, choose one of the tracks and then BURN RUBBER! I think this game is really cool and I've noticed that as people play this game, they get so involved that there's no point in even talking to them, because I wouldn't be surprised if you don't get a response. Quite a few of my mates have played this game, and it doesn't take long before they're sat there with there mouths wide open totally engrossed! Heheh. Another good feature, is the opposition. When you're racing, if you get too close to the other racers, you might get rammed of the road. After all, they are all dirty gits who want to win! Hehe, don't we all?

There are four different game styles available, each featuring three different categories of cars. The cars are divided up depending on the power of the different cars that they contain. Category C cars are all cars of less than 250 horsepower, category B cars of between 250 and 350 horsepower and category A contains cars of 350 horsepower and above. When you first play the game, only category C cars are available to you. The other categories become available as you go through the first game style: The Roadster Trophy. One of the good things about this game is the fact that as you're driving along, the drivers all have their own set of sayings for taking the p*** out of the others! It's a fast moving game, so you need to keep your wits about you. Don't get too cocky, because as I've discovered, the lead can soon change! I find it's the kind of game which can be played in a group, I've played it with a few of my friends and we had a real good laugh! I find it damn annoying when you spend ages setting good lap records for someone else to come along and break it on their first go! In this game, every cars handling is slightly different. So if you are ever in the situation of having to go for a different car to break the lap record - don't be surprised if you meet the wall quite a few times! :0)

The control method for Roadsters isn't that bad! Here's an outline of the control method. When you are in the main menu you use the A button to make your selection and the B button to go back to the previous screen. This applies to character selection as well as the options. To change anything about your selection, just use left or right on the Analogue. When you have chosen what kind of race you prefer, you can change your player's name by using the Z button.

For driving, the basic controls are: The A button for accelerate, the B button for brake, the Analogue for steering and the Up C button for view changing. There is also a hand brake, which is the Down C button. Roadsters is also compatible with the Rumble pak, the Controller pak and can play 1-4 players simultaneously.

Graphically, I can't find anything obviously wrong with it to pick up on. It's an extremely nice looking game which I find quite pleasing to the eye. The graphics are bright and colorful - not too brash, and really nice and smooth. I think that the team behind this game must have put in quite a lot of hours because everything about this game looks nice. It's even got a 3D-style water ripple effect on the main menu! It sounds really good as well. Every character has it's own set of sayings for racing. I've noticed that all the cars all have slightly different sounding engines, to add some more realism. There hasn't been any time spared when it came to sticking loads of cool sound effects on the different levels. Planes, jeeps, helicopters, animals, tanks, the list goes on. Its really nice sounding!

This game is good fun for all. It's an extremely addictive driving game which should have you coming back for more! If you don't have a driving game already, I'd recommend you take a look at this little number! I think this game is worth buying.

I will admit, It makes me crazy at times and can be a little bit hard and extremely annoying. But at the end of the day, I think that if a game is too easy you'll just get bored with it and stick it on the shelf!? I haven't even completed it yet. But because it's such a cool game I think that just makes it a bit of a challenge, don't you?