Right, the first thing I will say about this is, as it is only an expansion pack review, if you have never played Heroes of Might and Magic, and you have not read my review on the full game, then I suggest you go and read that first, because this is not going to make much sense unless you do. Okay, thats that over and done with, read on......

The whole look and feel of the expansion pack, as you would expect, is basicaly like the full game. The storys for the campaigns is different of course, (I don't know if it is a direct follow-on from the full game because I havn't completed the original yet), and also the menu sections also have different background pictures to go with the Armeggedons balde story, which is nice.

So anyway, there are many additions to in many different areas of this game to original, new campaigns and secanarios (38 infact!), new creatures, new heroes, new skills, and new towns just to name a few. The ones which I found the most impressive were the random map generator, and the Campaign editor. The latter of which you can do tonnes of stuff with such as define story lines for the campaign to follow, add cinematic sequences and many other things to help make your campaign as good as possible. I really liked this part of the expansion pack, you could have hours of fun creating some really great campaigns.

The main additon in terms of new characters and creatures, are the creatures made from what was originaly misconstrude in olden times, as the basic elements of the universe, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth. These 'elementals' as they are known in the game, are the minions of the new heroes, the Elementalists and the Planeswalkers, (they also added magic elementals into the game, but I think that was just because they looked really funky, not because they wanted to make my review inconsistant ("they're all out to get me!!")). Anyway the new town which the Elementalists and Planeswalkers are associated with, are know as Conflux Towns. (Incase I forgot to mentioin this in the main game review, each main category to which the heroes fall into, all have their own types of towns and minions. Although they can recruit other monsters into their army, but when you originaly hire them they will never start with any other types of creatures than the ones accociated with them). Oh yeah, there are some really cool new dragons and a few humanoid creatures which have been added also. All these things are really just a few of the new extra's you get for your hard earned, but if you liked the original then your money would be well spent here.

This is a nice add-on to an already really great game, if you have managed to get bored with Heroes of Might and Magic III (which I doubt very much), then Armegeddons Blade will add a that extra bit of life, which will keep you playing for hours to come. Even if your not bored with it, then get this add-on anyway, because it's really worth having.