Another Stonking RPG from the boys that gave us Baldurs Gate? Well if they follow the same formula then they are sorted and They can expect a very high recommendation from me! I loved Baldurs Gate, It may have come on 5 CD's but that's not too bad when the gameplay, storyline and graphics are as good as they were!

A change from the BG style, Planescape torment puts you in the shoes and the mildly rotting body of a recently dead person. You start the game not knowing who you are, what you're doing in this place and where your journal is (which may well explain all the other things).

Taking the latest version of Bioware's Infinity Engine and making good use of it Interplay have once again pulled out all the stops, this RPG oozes gameplay from the word go. As usual the myriad of enemies you come across usually means that your running in the opposite direction looking for weaker opponents to pick on until you can face the never ending onslaught your put through until your such a kick ass fighter and the group your with don't start running away when they see a skeleton charging towards them with a toothpick!

The start of the game is pretty much get used to the controls (not hard there then), work with the menus and get into the whole questing, talking to strangers & item finding thing. You initially have to go through a load of rooms, talking with people finding out how you got there and where that damn journal of yours is, you also try not to get annoyed by some floating skull who you picked up along the way who is really just out to find a body. Not that kind of body all you sick perverts!

You start by gathering a few weapons, first just a tiny scalpel then later you can pick up a large hammer, a crowbar and numerous other items ready for the big wide world your about to step into. But beware, I have seen many people wander about trying to pick on people with a scalpel, then dying really easily just because they cant be bothered to search about for a better weapon.

The game handles really well, mostly controlled by the mouse, the game is intuitive to use and easy to pick up. Right click to bring up your user menu and you can access your inventory, weapons, specials & spells quickly. You can also set various things to happen when you get attacked or hit such as the game pausing so you can use that much needed health patch or to swap weapons because the one your using now is not too much effective.

If you have played Baldur's Gate then you are going to be pretty much at home with the control system, although the screen layout differs the actually control system is not much different and is very good, full marks boys.

The games graphics are lovely. As with every good RPG, you get the 'fog of war' effect so that each and every area you explore is unveiled so your not quite sure whats ahead, areas you have just been across get covered again so anything that's lurking there will not get spotted until you turn around to face it, crap yourself and run!

The Infinity Engine is a work of art, and so are half of the locations, all nicely detailed which really show off the artwork that has gone into making this game. The characters you interact with also seem a part of the scenery, not as in other games where they stand out, they actually blend in with the scenery, which although may sound bad, its really good, you get the feel that they belong there, not some sprite floating around ready to take some action when you speak to it or walk past.

The games sound is good too, nothing special but fully immersive, walk past some people and they start shouting at you , asking you questions to try and grab your attention, piss people off and they start threatening you. Do this too often and they attack you. pretty good I say.

Well, this game is great, just what is needed while we are all awaiting the release of Baldurs Gate 2, but even after BG2 is out this game will satisfy anyone and everyone, taking a sharp turn from the BG storyline it offers something different but something thats good.