A quiet night in an unknown village then suddenly out of nowhere the Legion of the second born led by the evil Necromancer* Necros (*a necromancer is a dead wizard who is powerful enough to keep their body alive after death). He is able to controls the afterlife and all those who enter there, therefore creatures such as skeletons, vampiress and zombies all serve him. But with such power Came a curse, Necros was unable to die himself.

With his undead army and his ability to raise fresh troops from the fallen the village was soon destroyed and all but 1 boy escaped with a scar down his face. So many years later drake is grown, and now is generally really hard, and can drink boiling water from a kettle. In order to avenge his family, his quest is to wipe necros and the Legion off this earth. Many of the legions have fallen before his blade making him a legend among friends and enemies alike. But an attack on an army of skeletons is a trap and drake is captured and this is where you come in.

Basically we have a Tomb Raider but instead of Lara you have Drake. 1st impressions are really good a head of a woman appears to you at regular intervals through foresight and tells you all your moves, what the controls are how to equip armour etc, and to just generally help you. The skeletons in the castle the young second born are really easily to kill but you do get a few harder one's as the level progress and a cursed suit of armour guards the gate, but you won't get much trouble here.

The second level has no fighting you have to meet this women who's name I can't remember who then takes you to see Lady Celestine the head that helps you out. She gives you a quest and new armour and weapons. You can also get an axe here by talking to the guard outside the door, but is involves lots of pointless walking around. You can also buy other weapons and armour and runes that protect you and increase your status. You want have enough to get them yet but on your next quest when you save the blacksmith he gives you loads of runes and weapons every time you visit him.

You also have offensive and defensive spells and you pick better ones up on later quests. Flame is a fireball that level up quickly is really powerful, but has a large blast radius that tends to hit you up close. Regen is healing; Thunder is attacking magic that attacks other enemies who happen to be close to the enemy that receives the hit. Swarm is totally useless, insects attack 1 enemy and stop them moving and mana is a shield that protects against magic. There are also elemental runes that you use with your weapons, as well as increasing attack effect certain elements of other creatures e.g. fire beats ice.

The swords the best weapon, the others aren't worth using. When I first played this game I liked it a lot. I mostly prefer Japanese games with Rare (they used to be ultimate on the spectrum) and eiders being exceptions, and it had appealing character and story. Right the bad points when you go liberate the castle the story gets a bit rubbish, such as a dwarf with an Irish accent. The difficulty also gets really hard apart from a bug I found. Enter a room let the enemies chase to the door, they then just stand by the door. You can then stand just outside the door and slash them without fear of being hit which maximises your levels in no time, Making the rest of the assault on the castle incredibly easily. Tips, keep visiting the blacksmith. Who gives you lots of freebies! Then a later mission when you fight the ogres to receive a stolen artifact is impossible and you lose loads of energy.

The only way I managed to complete this level was running past everyone till you reach scenery you can jump on. Then target the ogres with level 6 fireball spells, and heal yourself from the blast of your fireballs every now and again. After a really easy level you have to complete the 3rd mission again and then comes the impossible boss to beat. An evil spirit posseses the dead king's body and you have to fight it. Problem is if it hits you once it drains your energy till you die and I can't see any way to counter this. Well actually I did beat it but I'm not saying how if anyone can't beat it write in and I'll tell him or her how to do it. The other problem is the voices Necros has a strong English accent and speaks like a snob using words like twit and good show. He supposed to be a really hard bad guy not a snob, and most of the other accents are similarly annoying with the acceptation of Lady Celestine.

The difficulty level is poorly graded going from mostly incredibly easily to impossibly hard. Add a lack of enemies mostly dwarfs and golems and little else and you have a not very good game.

To be honest it could have been much better, but it comes down to a case of quantity over quality. Anyway Lara is a much stronger character so get one of the tomb raider games there all superb especially the 1st one.