Yippie_ki_yay! John McClane is back in action! DHT2 is a hardcore action game that pits feature film and video game hero McClane against a set of terrorists, the elements and the odds, this time with Las Vegas and the Nevada desert as the settings.

I must admit I never played the first game, well actually I got a demo of the Shooting stage free off the official playstation magazine issue 11, but I never liked that game much, though a few people who did own it said it was very good.

Well its split into 3 parts much like the prequel walking, shooting and driving. The foot section takes place in a jail, which involves McClane walking around shouting identical enemies and alarms. Theirs a few nice touches being able 2 shoot out windows, the extra weapons though are generally rubbish. The problem is as I reviewed this is I got my Parasite Eve (its by square) back off my friend, which I must say is probably 1 of my favorite games and I played it a lot. Its sort of similar 2 the walking around part of die-hard but more RPG orientated with absolutely amazing graphics and cinema's especially when she sings in the cinema and all the people in the audience catch alight and burn.

Die-Hard on the other hand has really blocky graphics, there's no jump button and you just have to walk into objects and hope you climb over them. Also objects you need tend to blend with the floor making them easy to miss. It's also quite hard so some people will get annoyed with it. The extra weapons are a cack, a cattle prod, which means you have to be right next to an enemy, and a shotgun, which runs out straight away, and grenades. These grenades are different to most as they travel a couple of foot and normally kill the thrower. It only has only 2 enemy sprites of cops and people in gas masks, oh and the McClane sprite looks absolutely nothing like Bruce Willis.

The shooting part of the game is surprisingly good but way to easy, (I used an analogue pad, I no longer own a guncom so I am not sure how it works with a gun). You can blow up most of the scenery and things like the computers and oil drums which when destroyed take out loads of enemies. Care must be taken not hit any hostages though. The journey takes you from a casino to what appears a dungeon and then back above ground till eventually you end up in a dining area in what appears to be a boss fight. He looks the same as all the other enemies, but he takes absolutely ages to die. This stage also has loads and I mean loads of blood, but there's an option to tone it down, shoot some necks and blood goes everywhere.

The final part is the driving. I use driving in the loosest possible term as its basically the same as the awful vigilante 8. You drive around a sparse countryside dodging cows until you come across another car, which you then ram a couple of times and it blows destroying a signpost and letting you past. You continue to do this to another 3 or 4 cars or separately, then you go on to the town. Which is exactly the same apart from you getting the odd car to dodge rather then cows. Again the graphics for this section are blocky and glitch, with little animation (try running the cows over and you will see what I mean). The driving section is as much fun as watching paint dry.

Well the shooting stage is good but very easy, the driving and walking parts are god damn awful, but the shooting game isn't good enough to justify buying it. For 16.99 you could buy the 1st die-hard rather than this 'cash in' which has just been thrown together to make money. This will probably sell by the Bucket Load, as it's a based on a movie.