I remember watching the smurfs on tv when i was a kid. I used to be a bit of a fan. I'd sometimes even watch it before going to work.

The basic outline of the story is that one night a stork drops a bundle out side the house of Hefty smurf and flys off. In the morning, after the baby smurf had been discovered, Gargamel had created an army of furry - but incredibly stupid - creatures to capure the smurfs. Needless to say, the creatures went off and disturbed the smurfs playing with the baby. They manage to capure 9 smurfs as well as the baby smurf. News gets back to the village, Smurfette tells Hefty and when he hears the news he goes off to rescue everybody and teach gargamel a lesson!

The game play is pretty staight forward. There are 2 modes:-

its a piece of cake and It's no picnic. The it's a piece of cake mode is for the children and the its no picnic mode is for the adults. The idea of the adult game is to get to the end of each level, freeing the smurfs as you go. On each level there are diffrent items to collect. You can collect sweets (which change for each level) and if you get 100 of them you get an extra life, there are 3 moons to collect (you can still complete the game even if you miss any), potions which when found will give you a special ability needed to complete the level (e.g. jumping higher) and extra life coins. There are also bonus rooms which are usually full of sweets.

The idea of the childrens version is to collect rattles and bottles from all over the levels. The idea is then to play with the baby smurf and wait for it to tell you what it wants to do next!

The method of killing the enemies is the old way of jumping on their heads (but you can somtimes get potions for perfoming special attacks). The difficulty of the levels can vary quite a bit, so it should keep you entertained!

Really easy to control!

The main menu is easy to use - it only has 3 choices:- new game, load a game and options.

The method of controling Hefty is also easy to grasp. There's a jump button a button for most of the potions and a button for Hefty's details (e.g. health). If you collect any potions, or find anything interactive, then instructions will appear on the scrreen about what to do.

The quality of the Graphics are really good for the main platform part of the the game. All the 3D stuff is nice looking. But the Background detail isn't as good (it looks a little blocky). The animations are all cartoon and (I think) true to the cartoon it self. As far as the sound goes, it's pretty good. They have given the game quite a few different sound affects and there is quite a few different background tunes to listen to. The game sound ok but I find at times the nicey, nicey sounds can become annoying!

I like this game a lot. I like the little details. like if you don't move hefty for a while he starts to play around. I also like the way Hefty interacts with his environment on the childrens version!