With only 5 hours to go, Elite still has plenty of time to raise even more money, but the project which has over 24,000 backers and a pot of £1.5 million is going to go ahead.

In addition there will be a Mac version and 10 extra ships above and beyond the original goal after the stretch goals of 1.4 and 1.5 million were reached.

David Braben, creator of the original Elite thanked all backers: "David here. A huge thanks for all those that have now joined us, and to those who have been with us for a lot longer too, and have evangelised to a very broad group of people. It has made all the difference."

The game isnt scheduled for release until 2014, with the Mac version planned for 3 months after the PC release and with so much interest in the project I doubt a Linux release, steam release, etc will be out of the question.

Elite: Dangerous is the first project to request such a large amount of money, 2.15 million, and get it, proving that as long as there is demand Kickstarter is a viable place to get funding for any size project.