Certain Affinity have announced the Vengeance Pack DLC for Crimson Alliance.

The DLC pack, which will be available on October 12th, will contain new levels pitting players in a race against time to hunt down and destroy two dangerous new threats. Also included is a new Challenge Map called Fistful of Coins, where players will test their skill against an increasingly deadly onslaught of enemies. The pack will contain new loot, new enemies, and new challenges.

"From the start we wanted to keep the adventure going by giving players new places to explore with their friends. When we finished the game back in May we had a few months to wait before the Summer of Arcade was over. So we devoted ourselves to building the kind of maps that we wanted to play: fiendishly difficult ones that are perfect for co-op," said Max Hoberman, President of Certain Affinity.

The Vengeance pack will cost 240 Microsoft Points and will require 40MB of space.