Razer have announced a project to get the community involved in the design of a new Arcade Stick for the Xbox 360.

Currently at the prototype stage, the arcade stick project will involve 200+ specially selected top-seed Street Fighter IV pro-gamers, influential modders, and members of the arcade enthusiast community, who will be given a Razer arcade stick to test and provide feedback to further improve it to perfection.

"Razer is for gamers, by gamers. We've been taking feedback from our professional players on products for years and now we want to open it up to the community. That's why we want every arcade enthusiast and modder's input in the development of this special arcade stick," said Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, President, Razer USA. "In this way, it's not just our arcade stick; it's the community's arcade stick. Together, we will create a weapon that delivers the best fighting performance for every gamer and allows modding to the individual's exact specifications. We're not just asking people for input on the paint job, we're after serious hardware feedback."

Anyone interested in participating in the development of the Arcade Stick should visit www.razerzone.com/bredtofightto provide ideas and feedback.