First up there is free content on the way as a thankyou to the fans out there and Bethesda are aiming to release a free DLC pack for June which will contain more maps and other player content.

For those who have been playing Brink the last few days Bethesda have been working on improving the game through updates that help reduce issues for gamers. One such change is for Xbox 360 and PS3 users the configuration has been changed which now allow for 8 players total in freeplay and campaign modes, this is to help those with lower upstream bandwidth or just people having trouble getting a reliable game running. The changes should reduce lag and enable gamers to find more reliable games running, in case you were worried that means the limit is 8 for everyone never fear, larger games are still available under "Big Teams".

If you're playing Brink chances are you've noticed these updates anyway, but it's hopefully good news for gamers still unsure about the game due to mixed reception, know that Brink is being improved and fixes should be available on all platforms.

More info here on Bethesda's Blog