The latest games in in the long running Pokemon series have headed to the top of the UK charts. Pokemon White Version heads the charts at the No.1 spot while the Pokemon Black Version sits in 2nd spot.

Third place this week is also reserved for a newcomer, in the shape of Fight Night Champion meaning that both top games last week, Bulletstorm at No.2 and Killzone 3 at No.1 are pushed down to down to No.4 and No.5 respectively.

At No.6 is Call Of Duty: Black Ops, taking a vacation from the top and at No.7 is Just Dance 2 which is another game which spent its fair share of time in the top 10.

FIFA 11 slides 4 places to No.8, Dead Space 2 moves down 3 to No.9 and Wii Party rounds of the top 10.

Here is the top 20 chart in full:

  1. Pokemon White Version

  2. Pokemon Black Version

  3. Fight Night Champion

  4. Bulletstorm

  5. Killzone 3

  6. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

  7. Just Dance 2

  8. FIFA 11

  9. Dead Space 2

  10. Wii Party

  11. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

  12. Just Dance

  13. Test Drive Unlimited 2

  14. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

  15. Dance Juniors

  16. Wii Sports Resort

  17. Dawn Of War II: Retribution

  18. The Sims 3

  19. Rift

  20. Wii Fit Plus

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