Zipper Interactive have released some details and the release date for its upcoming MAG Interdiction expansion pack, which will make its appearance on the PlayStation Stopre on 23 June 2010 for €7.99.

The main mode of Interdiction, is Interdiction, which allows up to 128 players, split in to 2 factions, to attack and seize control of three command posts with the aid of several heavily-armed convoys on three brand new maps: Lake Bayano Spur, Sovot Motorway, and Iron Creek Quarry. The maps are all faction neutral and each squad has an APC. To win, players must capture and hold as many objectives as possible to increase their score while concurrently depleting their enemy's.

Added to the new game type and maps is the Heavy Improved armour set, which essentially makes you a walking tank, and new in-game medals, ribbons and trophies:


  • Jump Start - Capture two Command Posts in a round of Interdiction

  • Mowing the Grass - Get 10 kills with a vehicle turret in one round

  • Dashed Hopes - Destroy two mines with gunfire in one round

  • Cannonball Rally - Become an MVP (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in a round of Interdiction


  • Roadside Assistance - Capture 10 Interdiction control points over your career

  • Landscape Architect - Get 50 kills with a vehicle turret over your career

  • BOD - Destroy 20 mines with gunfire over your career

  • Designated Driver - Earn five Interdiction MVPs over your career


  • King of the Hills (Bronze) - Earn the Roadside Assistance medal while playing Interdiction

  • Red Ball Express (Silver) - Earn the Designated Driver medal while playing Interdiction

  • Road Runner (Gold) - Capture three Interdiction control points in a single round