Codemasters have released details of special in-game promotioms to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online. They are also giving gamers a chance to attend an Anniversary Event held at Codemasters' head office based in Warwickshire:

"In recognition of this momentous occasion Codemasters Online are inviting all adventurers, new and old, to enter our Anniversary Raid Event Competition. Ten lucky winners will be invited to attend an exclusive Anniversary Event held at Codemasters' head office based in Warwickshire, where they will be taken on a guided tour of the offices, meet the team responsible for the game's success in Europe, and join Vice President & General Manager of Codemasters Online, as well as Associate Producer for The Lord of the Rings Online, in defeating the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur and his fell beast in a 12-man raid. This exciting event will be streamed live across the internet for all to watch. For more information on how to enter the competition, visit

If all this excitement wasn't enough, login during the anniversary to take advantage of a host of special giveaways, in-game events and promotions:

• Special Anniversary Gift! Starting April 29th and running throughout the celebration, we're giving all current, new and returning subscribers a special gift: the Writ of Virtue. Log into the game between April 29th and June 30th to claim your gift.

• Party with the monsters of Middle-earth. Earn tokens from monsters when you defeat them and turn them in for level appropriate rewards. Available for players of all levels!"

"We're hugely grateful to the players for making LOTRO the success it is today and wanted to show our appreciation with an exciting and extensive program of events, catering to everyone," said Marcus Randall, Global Marketing & PR Assistant for Codemasters Online. "LOTRO has undergone a number of developments over the years, with most recent being the release of the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion. It's no small achievement to still see such passion from our players and community for the title, in the face of such overwhelming competition. It really is a testament to the game!"