Ninja Gaiden II demo is now live on Xbox LIVE Marketplace - here are the details:

"The wait is over... as Ryu Hayabusa experience the frenetic combat of Ninja Gaiden II. The demo takes place in Chapter 1: Sky City Tokyo, where you'll have access to an expanded set of weapons (4 primary and 2 projectile weapons + 2 Ninpo powers) and plenty of Black Spider Ninja Clan to dismember. Play through roughly 3/4 of the chapter using the new and better balanced Path of the Acolyte difficulty.

NGII Demo Features...

* Standard Weapons: Dragon Sword, Scythe, Claws, Staff

* Projectile Weapons: Shuriken, Bow and Arrow

* Ninpo: Wind and Fire

* Weapon level: 3 (this is max weapon level...)

* Difficulty level: Acolyte only"