On your arrival at Bliss Island, you'll meet and play with Hoshi the Zwooph, a cute blue creature, who can project precision puffs of air from his long trunk. Usually Hoshi uses this enviable skill to create the clouds that float over the tropical island, but every Friday Hoshi uses his puff-powers to compete in a whole series of games and challenges. And it's in these games that Hoshi - and his fluffy friends Gaston, Ebba and Miki - need your help.

Players take control of Hoshi's super blowing powers and help him show off his skills in a series of madcap mini-games. By controlling the timing and direction of Hoshi's puffs, or that of his friends, players will juggle, bounce, and direct objects towards set goals in a wide variety of challenges across the island.

Helping Hoshi and his friends compete in challenges such as bouncing fruit into the hungry mouth of the Jigoka monster in Fruit Slam Dunk, saving flowers from swarms of aphids in Fluffy Mayhem, and smashing marching boulders to pieces in Brick Invaders. It all makes for a fantastically frenetic game that tests players' precision, timing and, when the going gets really tough, their nerve.

With over 80 unique challenges designed specifically for burst play and incorporating WLAN multiplayer modes, get ready to take a trip to Bliss Island in the new year. For more on the PSP system edition see http://www.codemasters.co.uk/bliss and to sample the PC edition with 60 minutes free play visit http://www.funsta.com