Ubisoft and its Blue Byte development studio today announced THE SETTLERS for Nintendo DS. For the first time in the 13 years of the franchise's history, THE SETTLERS will be released on a video game console and will be available in Autumn 2006 across Europe and America.

The Roman crew of a ship is going to visit an untenanted island or at least so it seems. For its survival, the crew has to plan several things wisely: shipbuilders, foresters, and scouts are in need of food and construction material. Farming, livestock breeding, hunting, and fishing are essential to cope with the food demands of the people, while mines are necessary to provide them with ore, coal and gold. A well structured economy will be the base for a fast growing settlement. But danger is also near: the island territory should be well guarded by military forces.

"We are happy to be able to offer the successful SETTLERS series to the handheld fans. Strategic games are also very interesting for Nintendo players," says Ralf Wirsing, Business Development Director of Ubisoft in Germany and Studio Manager of Blue Byte. "Gladly enough, the gaming principle of THE SETTLERS supports the functions of the Nintendo DS in a unique way."

This handheld gaming experience is based on the popular gaming mechanism of the series: The player will construct buildings and connect them with roads to each other. The more intelligent the ways are planned, the more efficient the economy becomes. With the Nintendo DS stylus, the two screens of the Nintendo DS are used in an optimal way. On the Touch Screen, players will be able to organise their Settlers and on the Top screen they will watch the active world of THE SETTLERS and vice-versa.


• 2 campaigns: "Roman campaign " and "World campaign"

• Free gaming mode with all peoples versus an AI opponent

• 30 different occupational groups and 6 different types of soldiers

• 4 peoples (Roman, Viking, Nubian, and Asian)

• Different Environments (Woods, lava, icy areas, swamps, etc.) on 7 continents

• Easy to use with the Nintendo DS stylus

• You can swap the Top screen and Touch Screen every time, to easily control the game with your Nintendo DS stylus

• You can use the variable zoom to watch your lively settlers at any time