Blizzard have announced the launch of the first two PvP Battlegrounds for World of Warcraft. The new PvP maps feature distinctly different map designs and game objectives, while each Battleground has different goals and gameplay styles. In the PvP Battlegrounds players compete against each other to achieve victory, Honor points, and valuable in-game rewards. The two initial Battlegrounds are Alterac Valley, a high-end zone designed for large groups of experienced players, and Warsong Gulch, a more casual zone designed for all players level 21 and up.

"While World of Warcraft has been expanding with new content regularly since launch, the PvP Battlegrounds represent the single biggest update to the game yet," stated Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We're excited that players can now experience Horde-vs.-Alliance combat as it was meant to be, and we're looking forward to adding even more Battlegrounds to the game with future updates."

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