3 Reworked Maps with a new look and gameplay experience:

* Flooded Bunkers: Rain, pooling water, and restricted sight lines all make for a brand new experience on one of the most popular multiplayer maps.

* Dam Pumping Station: This "trimmed down" version of the original Dam single player map provides plenty of cover and changes the gameplay to a fast-paced action experience.

* Dam River Crossing: This map offers cool sniper perches and multiple combat areas involving cover. The water at the low-lying river ford brings in a great element of tension and player vulnerability.

6 New Funny Character Skins:

A series of funny "gag" characters, created during the production of Ghost Recon 2, are also being released for those times when players are looking for lighthearted fun.

* Novelty Set 1 - Raptor Rider, Pumpkin Head, and Peg Leg Pirate

* Novelty Set 2 - Man Riding Turkey, Christmas Box Man, and Bunny Man

More information about Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 available at http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/