Computer games publisher Digital Jesters has issued supplemental playing guidelines for players of its new release 'Trackmania: Sunrise' in order to prevent them from feeling ill through extended play.

The game - a blistering race title in which players tear around imaginative stunt courses featuring jumps, loop the loops and death-defying bends - has proved so disorientating, the game's testers have been hit by bouts of motion sickness.

Digital Jesters advocates responsible gaming - and has issued the following five guidelines for owners of the title.

# Take regular breaks whilst playing - at least 10 minutes every hour.

# Sit at least a metre away from the screen.

# Limit upper body movement when playing.

# Switch the view to out-of-car when playing for extended periods.

# Drink plenty of water during playing sessions.

"Whilst we're proud of the sensation of speed and movement offered by Trackmania: Sunrise, we're keen to ensure that our players remain safe and healthy," says Leo Zullo, Marketing Director, Digital Jesters. "Whilst there's absolutely no danger of long-term damage through playing the game, it's possible those that playing for a significant period may experience dizziness and headaches, so we've issued these guidelines in order to make sure our customers enjoy Trackmania: Sunrise in a risk-free manner."

Players are urged to seek medical assistance if motion sickness symptoms persist.

For further information, please contact NHS Direct

(Or Ali Carnegie/Helen Page at Barrington Harvey on 01462 456780)