has just completed their review of an Acrylic Case Window Kit put together by the folks over at PCMods. An inexpensive pre-fabbed case window kit, that you can install yourself with only a few simple tools and about forty-five minutes of your time. Heres a snip:

    "That's all there is to it. It took me a total of about 40 minutes from start to finish to install the window kit. Not bad for the first step down the road of case modding. Of course it would look much better if I had some neon lights installed, or some yellow ATA/100 rounded cables, but that just gives me all the more reason to get some. Like I said at the beginning, I decided to mod the hell out of my case, and this is just the first step. By the time I'm done with this thing, it's going to be water cooled and lit up like a night at Vegas; mag wheels, painted - the works...."