Action Vault have posted part 14 of their X² - The Threat Beta Report. In this part Co-Author Darren Astles talks about the Boron Shark, one of the mightiest ships in the game:

    Capturing a ship as formidable as a Carrier is not something I expect anyone will ever be successful at doing. A single, fresh from training fighter pilot may bail while under attack from your superior skills and leave their ship to you. A Captain of a Carrier however is much less likely to panic when you open fire on him - a fact I have witnessed by the comments thrown at me via the communication channel when firing upon one.

    However, the M1 class can be used in a variety of modes; for example, as a mobile home to your fleet, a storage platform for acquired goods or as an all out "cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war" instrument of retribution. Once you have a flagship of this magnitude, you can command the space lanes and, if properly equipped, go to war in style.