Action Vault have posted part 13 of their X² - The Threat Beta Report. In This part Fiction Co-Author Darren Astles writes a little about what they have been doing and where they are up to:

    We are now into release candidate 1 (RC1), which means we are very close to gold code ("gold" means finished - it's the "gold" copy that goes to the publishers). There is no point in listing dates as this is down to the publishers in their respective territories. Let's just say we are close, so close that I've booked some holiday to play. :)

    Everybody on the team is working very hard, as they have been all along, and most of you will be aware of the rolling demo now and have some idea of how the game will run on your gaming rig. We have had a massive amount of feedback on the benchmarking results - thanks to all of those who contributed and your kind comments!