GameSpy interviews Warren Spector about Deus Ex: Invisible War, the upcoming sequel to Deus Ex:

    GameSpy: How has co-developing Invisible War for the Xbox affected the PC version?

    Spector: We started right at the outset wanting to make a game simultaneously for both the Xbox and the PC. So, what we did was we set the bar at the Xbox level -- the PC version is going to be different only in that it will support a different UI. It will support the mouse and keyboard and higher resolutions. Other than that, our goal was really to design one game, with one experience, and then let players go for it.

    A lot of people say, "Well I don't want to play a game that isn't designed specifically for my platform." I never really understood that. What we really wanted to do was provide a particular kind of experience that we think players, regardless of what kind of hardware they have, will enjoy. I think we can do that very effectively. The Xbox is a pretty decent piece of hardware. I don't think PC players will feel cheesed [cheated] in anyway.