HomeLAN chats with Cyber Warrior's Julia Howe as she talks about Rubies of Eventide, their massively multiplayer RPG:

    HomeLAN - How is character generation handled in the game?

    Julia Howe - Character generation is very involved. It's a lot like D&D and other pen-and-paper RPGs. You have racial modifiers which may give you some bonuses and weaknesses initially but nothing profoundly crippling to prevent you from being an Ogre Mage or Leshy Warrior. You have absolute freedom to be any available race/class combination. There are over 100 available classes (professions) to choose from. If you don't want to use any of these templates, you can select "adventurer" and define your own skills. Your skills are purchased with available DP, or development points. You can even save the development points to allocate later if you're not so sure about where to apply all of them. But keep in mind, the skills you didn't have the foresight to buy during character creation, your character doesn't KNOW. Sometimes its better to throw one or two points into a skill just so you won't have to pay a trainer in town later to teach you the basics. Most people go through about 5 different chars before settling down with one they like. You get 6 available character slots so there is plenty of room to experiment. I should also mention that you can respecialize once in your character's lifetime if something goes terribly awry.