Jolt Online Gaming have an interview with Michal 'Corwyn' Smrkal about Conan, the upcoming Action/RPG from Cauldron and TDK Mediactive:

    A lot of gamers will be familiar with the Schwarzenegger movies, even if they were too young to watch it at the time. As you say, the original Conan was written by Robert E. Howard, a literary figure of the 1930's. With that in mind, which is the game more influenced by, and how do you intend to make the license relevant to modern gamers.

    Michal: The main source of our inspiration for this game were novels written by R.E.Howard and the Conan comics. But the both films were a great inspiration for us in the field of combat design and in the first place, in the music. Therefore we are very proud that we can use the best tracks from the original soundtrack, done by Basil Poledouris.