ELiTeD have posted an interview with Andrew Roberto as he talks about Hostile Intent, the upcoming first person shooter from Aware Entertainment:

    My next question was for him to tell me the most impressive aspect of Hostile Intent? What will make it stand apart? "Having been an avid game player all my life, I have to say the most impressive features for me are the destructible objects. There is just something fantastic about blasting a hole in the side of a building and walking through it rather than going through the door. This creates extremely open ended game play, which will allow the player to complete objectives in many different ways. Including some that we will not have thought of. I think players will also be impressed with the variety of vehicles and the compelling modern day story that blends fact with fiction," Andrew replied.

    Multiplayer gameplay is the heart of any game, it keeps it alive and ongoing. To be in a clan and to make new friends, to get that insane headshot for everyone to see, or to get the game point for your team by bagging that last kill, truly multiplayer is a big part of gaming. Hostile Intent will feature deathmatch, team deathmatch, and objective based missions. Plus, Andrew added, "a few new multiplayer types that take advantage of Hostile Intent's destructible building feature." And what is multiplayer if it doesn't support some sort of voice communication? Luckily there is Ventrilo, Gamevoice, and Teamspeak, but it is nice when you don't have to find a server for your voice program. Andrew told us that, "yes, there will be some voice technology implemented but we are still working on this feature and I will keep you updated as to our progress on this technology." Speaking of communications, what sound will Hostile Intent support? "We are currently using 4.1 surround sound and we are intending to support EAX," he commented.