TeamXbox have posted the second part of their look at the characters in Midways upcoming airplane racing game, Freaky Flyers. The first part can be found here:


    Mommy Atchi has never been prouder of her short-statured crime boss son Pauli than when he entered the Freaky Flyers' race. She calls him her little "fly boy." And she calls him all the time in his plane to tell him how proud she is of him and to offer helpful advice: "Don't you think you should put on a sweater?" and to make sure he's eating right.

    Pauli, the reigning gang boss of Chicago, can make a hardened criminal break out in a cold sweat merely by showing him his cold, toothy grin. But when his mother's calling, it's he who's in the hot seat. Insult his mother, and he becomes so furious that he is actually put briefly out of commission with rage. Pauli spontaneously bursts into operatic snippets whenever he scores a victory.